Friday, June 10, 2011

Early Summer Lovin

It's still early in the summer months but the heat is already getting uncomfortable here in Texas.  It's like walking out into a wall of humidity...hellooo frizz!  Well it seems like as soon as the heat moved in I have constantly been reaching for these two products so I wanted to show you what I've been loving...

The first product I'm so happy to be using again is my Mac MSF in Gold Deposit.  I picked this up over a year ago from MACs website and at the time I thought this was a Limited Edition MSF, but I have since seen it at my local MAC store and also online so I'm sure you can still find it if you're interested.

 This is a very bronzy, shimmery MSF and it has been too dark to wear it during the winter months but for the summer, I have been LOVING it.  For the past week straight I've been using my Studio Careblend bronzer from the Surf Baby collection first (which I also love btw) and then putting Gold Deposit on top of that and the result is a very defined, bronze goddess look & I am diggin it!  The picture above doesn't quite pick up the intensity of my cheeks but this definitely isn't a "subtle" bronze look, it's more of an obviously bronzed look but that's why I like it!  Since I am taking summer school (boooo) I haven't had much time in the mornings to get ready so throwing on this combo paired with winged black liner has been quick & easy...good to go! :)

The other product I'm going to get good use of this summer is the MAC Supreme Sheen in Gotta Dash. I have only picked up two of the Supreme Sheen's so far but I really love the formula.  They were released to replace the Slimshine lipsticks they recently discontinued and from what I can remember, the formula is pretty much the same.  I feel like the color range for the Supreme Sheen's are much better and I already have a few more on my list!

Gotta Dash is a beautiful peach color that has a lovely moisturizing, glossy look and feel.  Perfect for a fresh, summer look.

Mac Ever Hip, Gotta Dash, YSL Rouge Volupte #30

Oh and btw - I'm super excited for MACs next collection "Semi Precious" and after I get a better look at the swatches I will make a post of my *wish list* :))



  1. Love the color of that lippie!

  2. love the color and i want to wear shimmery bronzers too but im scarred it might be to orange or ill do it wrong haha *newbe