Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Current Mani ♥

Ever since I stopped getting acrylic nails I have been going a liiiittle crazy buying nail polish, and it has made me want to change my nail color every week!

There are too many polishes that I've been loving lately to do a whole post on them so I thought I would start showing y'all whatever I happen to be loving on my nails this week :)

Today I have on a polish by Sinful Colors called "Easy Going" (#700) and it is such a nice cream color with slight baby pink undertones. 

About 2 weeks ago I picked up a similar color called "Pure Porcelain" from a recent Orly limited edition collection that I absolutely loved, but I have only ever seen ONE other bottle in stores so after I heard about this color I had to pick it up and it turned out to be just as pretty.  I figured I would much rather show you this color since it's easier to find, and way more affordable!

I have been really loving these kinds of colors lately.  Very opaque, cream shades look so "clean" and fresh on your nails!  This particular brand can be found at Walgreens or Target and they are only $1.99 which is such a deal!  I applied only two coats in the picture above.  After seeing how nice and opaque this drugstore polish looks I'll definitely be taking a better look at the Sinful Colors selection next time I'm in Walgreens.

If you know of any more great "off white" colors like this please leave me a comment and let me know!


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  1. ive been into these colors too! i have this one and i love it i also picked up sephora by opi and the color is "dear diary" its sooo gorgeous! n also opi's "makes men blush" its a gorgeous pink cream based nude with a gorgeous gold reflect! loving it im a nail polish hoarder seriously!